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Confused about the concrete amount you would require for the project? Here’s our concrete calculator to the rescue! Use our readymix concrete calculator to work out the amount of concrete needed to fill your foundation, level your slab or cover your cavity…

Generally, concrete is ordered in cubic meters. Our calculator multiplies the length(L) by width(W) and then by depth/height to calculate the total volume of the slabs, walls, trenches, pilings or any other cavity. You can use this simple conversion given below if needed. But for your convenience, we have implemented our concrete calculator with various parameters for different shapes ranging from millimetres, centimetres, metres, inches, feet to yards.

1 cubic metre (m³) = 1.3 cubic yards
1 cubic metre (m³) = 35.3 cubic feet

Note: We have taken every possible effort to give you the most accurate concrete volume using our calculator. But since every pour is unique, there can be instances where you may need to round up your measurement so there is no shortage of concrete. Worry not, with Gills Mix you only pay for the concrete used.

Concrete estimation tips for your projects

Slabs and footings

  • Length- Measure the length of the longest side of the slab
  • Width-Measure the length of the shorter side of the slab
  • Height- Measure the bottom of the slab to the top portion of the slab


  • Run- Measure the length of the shortest side of the individual stair
  • Rise- Measure the height of the individual stair 
  • Platform depth- Measure the length of the shortest side of the topmost stair
  • Width- Measure the length of the longest side of the individual stair

Fence post holes or round footings

  • Radius- Measure the diameter across the widest part of the hole or footing. Half the value to get the radius.
  • Height- Measure the height of the hole or footing.

After taking an estimate and before placing the final order, it is highly recommended that you contact our concrete specialists for a professional opinion and advice. We are here to help.

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No more worries on over-ordering or under-ordering of concrete. Our volumetric concrete mixers produce concrete on-the-fly, delivering precisely the amount you need. So, you pay only for what you use.

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Deliver ready mix concrete to the most challenging and difficult areas of your site with our fleet of concrete pumps. Reach out to Gills Mix for a professional, mess-free and accurate concrete pump hire services.

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