The Difference Between Concrete and Screed

Concrete and floor screed may sound like very similar materials on paper, but they’re used for very different purposes on site.

Both concrete and floor screeding are made using cement, water and aggregate (such as sand or gravel), but different types of aggregate are added to each. This means that concrete is much rougher, while floor screed is finer in texture.

In concrete flooring, a coarse aggregate such as gravel (small stones) is included to give the mixture more strength, making it ideal for use in structural work.

In screed flooring, fine, sharp sand is included instead of gravel. This results in a screed mix with a smoother, finer and more tightly packed texture – making it ideal for use as a top layer on a concrete slab floor.

Do concrete and screed look different?

Concrete and screed do look different. The pieces of gravel and stone are visible to the eye in the concrete mix, whereas screed is much finer and smoother, screed has an appearance like hard-packed wet sand that has dried into a solid state.

How To Tell if Screed Is High Quality

To ensure that you use top quality screed, purchase from a BSI certified concrete supplier like Gills Mix. We never compromise on screed standards, and always use premium-quarried aggregates in our screed mix. But you don’t have to take only our word for it – our concrete and aggregates have been independently tested and certified by the BSI, so you’re guaranteed a premium product, every time.

Uses of Floor Screed

Floor screed can be used on both domestic building projects and industrial construction sites for a wide range of applications.

Floor Screeding for Professional Flooring Finishe

Using a high-quality screed is crucial to get a good-quality finish for cement floors. Screed helps to provide a nice, level, smooth surface to lay your final floor coverings on top of, such as carpet, tiles, linoleum or wood panels, and in some instances can be left exposed. The durability of screed makes it an excellent choice for flooring finishes, as it protects the concrete slab underneath and easily endures the constant impact of heavy footfall.

Screeding for Underfloor Heating

If you want to keep the cost of your energy bills down while keeping your toes toasty warm, screed is an ideal material to use in between the pipelines of underfloor heating. Screed is an excellent underfloor thermal conductor, meaning that it transports heat rapidly and retains it well, acting as insulation to keep the floor warm for longer and maintain a comfortable temperature in a property.

a layer of screed and underfloor heating pipework

How is screed made?

Screed is made by mixing cement with fine, sharp sand with a 1:3 to 1:4.5 ratio of cement to sand. The result is a sturdy, cementitious material that can be used as a top layer for concrete flooring or as insulation around underfloor heating pipes.

Mixed on site concrete floor screed

Extremely conveniently, we can mix your screed up and drop it directly on your site! Many other concrete companies will pre-produce screed ahead of time, but we always mix on site to give you a fresh screed. This has the added benefit of giving you maximum working time to get the screed in place and finished before it cures and hardens.

Delivery Methods for Concrete and Floor Screed

Gills Mix uses innovative volumetric mixers to produce screed, freshly mixed on site. This is much more time efficient and cost effective than mixing it up by hand from scratch.

On the day, our skilled team will supply the screed “dropped on deck” by arriving at your site and delivering the dry floor screed to a convenient roadside location of your choice. You’ll then have a window of time to get the screed in place before it sets.

Ready Mix Concrete Supplier

Did you know – Gills Mix is also a concrete supplier! We’re trusted by many local customers in Wolverhampton, Birmingham and the West Midlands to cater to all their ready mix concrete needs.

Gills Mix Concrete Services

Gills Mix is the number one ready mix concrete, concrete pump hire and screed supplier in the West Midlands. We’re proud to supply commercial companies and domestic customers alike with high-quality, BSI certified concrete and screed.

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We are based in Wolverhampton and have been delivering screed to construction sites in the area for many years. We pride ourselves on providing a reliable, hassle-free service and top-calibre concrete at competitive prices.

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